Seasonal Specials From Pasta King

December 13, 2021
Christine Forrest

The nation’s much loved Pasta King brand is introducing Seasonal Specials to welcome the new school term, with limited edition sauces being launched for one term only.

Two new Seasonal Specials have been tried and tested and the feedback from tasting sessions has confirmed that Pasta King’s new Shredded Chicken and Bean and Five Bean Chilli will be a hit with students seeking a lunchtime winter warmer to keep them nourished for afternoon classes.

Mark Stone, Chief Executive Officer at Pasta King, said:

“At Pasta King we are always striving to ensure that our freshly made sauces are enjoyed by those consuming them and that we are consistent in providing our customers with something attractive for their menu. New sauces for the new term provide students with a new and exciting, tasty option at lunchtime while providing catering staff something different to add to their menu to assist with avoiding menu fatigue and help drive sales.”

The Shredded Chicken and Bean contains a tomato sauce with shredded chicken and mixed beans. The Five Bean Chilli is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans and is a warming tomato sauce with mixed beans and chilli. Pasta King meals are low in saturated fats and sugars, do not contain any undesirable additives and the tomato-based sauces contribute to one of your 5 a day. Salt levels meet FSA targets. There are no allergens.

Pasta King’s 25 year heritage has been built on providing nutritional, hot school meals, something which research has shown can improve academic performance during afternoon classes. Good food that fuels learning!


Freshly made to order, for further information on these new Seasonal Specials available for delivery in January from Pasta King, please visit or tel 0800 458 7898.

Pasta King – good food that does good!