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Secondary schools

Secondary Schools


Our products offer real queue-busting solutions for caterers, for breaktime or lunchtime. Pot meals can either be served up at the point of sale – it takes just seconds to refresh and drain a portion of pasta and top it with a ladle of sauce in the pot. Or fill them in advance and display them, with a lid on, at the hot counter as a grab & go meal.

Our free-standing serving stations can be positioned almost anywhere to support the main serving area.

I need something for breaktime

Our innovative range of hand held, easy to prepare, quick serve Pockets are supplied in kit format and come with everything you need to prepare and serve. Students also love our grab & go nachos pots.

Short of staff to cook

We provide fully finished meals, so you won’t need additional staff to prepare the food. Our primary schools range is designed to allow you to comfortably meet the increase in demand with just your existing staff.

Falling numbers

The most common causes of falling numbers are either that the children are bored by the food (or have decided they don’t like it) or that it takes too long to be served. Queues become even more of a problem if the lunch break has been shortened, which we see a lot.

Pasta King helps with both of these problems. It cuts queues in three ways. It’s quick to prepare, so it frees up staff from the kitchen to the servery. It’s really quick to serve, so the pasta queue moves very fast. And the pasta bar we supply provides an extra serving point, so your queues melt away.

As for the food, there’s lots of variety and choice. Choose one of our top ten best sellers, to give the children something they know and love. Banish boredom with something new – there are over thirty five sauces on our list, plus monthly specials. Seeing the Pasta King name reassures your customers that it will all taste great.

We have worked with schools to help them grow their numbers, and we’ll happily work with you too. Parent taster evenings, theme days and promotional activity can all make a difference, so please give us a call to see how we can help.

Short of serving space

Our mobile serving stations come in different sizes, and can be used counter-top or free-standing with their own base. Give us a call so we can find the right solution for your school.

Budget cuts/ must make savings

We understand that school meals are profitable only when a certain level of meals uptake is reached. If numbers fall, there’s pressure to make cuts. Our approach is to help you drive numbers up, by providing great food fast. How we do this is covered in the “falling numbers” question above. We supply free equipment on loan which also helps, since it gives an extra serving point at no extra cost. Buying in fully-finished meals also frees up kitchen staff to do other things, like baking, which also contributes to uptake and to revenue.

Everyone benefits when you succeed in increasing uptake – more children get a good hot meal, and the budget works.

Got a question? Look at our FAQs or give us a call.