Your Problem, solved!

Primary Schools

Primary School Pupil with Pasta

Small kitchen/ no kitchen

If your school has limited or no kitchen facilities, Pasta King can provide on loan all of the serving equipment required to hot-hold and serve our meals. Our meals have been designed to be heated on a simple electric 2-ring hob, removing the need for any large capital expenditure.


An increase in the number of pupils taking a school lunch needn’t mean long queuing times. We can lend you a serving station, free of charge for as long as you’re a Pasta King customer. The service station can be run anywhere there’s a power point, so you can position it away from the main servery to help keep those queues moving.

Short of staff to cook

We provide fully finished meals, so you won’t need additional staff to prepare the food. Our primary schools range is designed to allow you to comfortably meet the increase in demand with just your existing staff.

Short of serving space

Our mobile serving stations come in different sizes, and can be used counter-top or free-standing with their own base. Give us a call so we can find the right solution for your school. See our full range of equipment here.

Meeting the challenge of Universal Infant Free School Meals

We have a full range for younger school children, prompted by the introduction of Universal Infant Free School Meals. Meals in this range require minimal preparation so they’re ideal for schools where space is tight or where you’re short of staff. All our meals are designed to meet the exacting standards of school catering: wholesome balanced meals that kids love, quick and easy to prepare and serve, and which fit the budget.

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