April 18, 2016
Christine Forrest

BBQ Chicken TorinoIn light of recent revelations about the contents of shop-bought pasta sauces Pasta King would like to reiterate its commitment to providing nutritious meals to schoolchildren across the UK.

While there have been significant worries across some quarters regarding the ingredients of certain brands’ pasta sauces, Pasta King has a strong reputation forged over 20 years for producing wholesome, tasty sauces.

Pasta King’s award winning sauces are made by highly-skilled chefs who take great care to ensure they look, smell and taste great.  “The majority of our sauces are low in saturated fat and low in sugar, and they also have reduced salt content – with the average pot containing less than 1g of salt,” said Pasta King marketing manager Christine Forrest.

“We know that some sauce brands have advised that their sauces should only be eaten once a week but all of our sauces could ideally be enjoyed every day. There are no added artificial colourings or flavourings, and many of our sauces give students one of their five a day and provide a great source of non-dairy protein.

“We pride ourselves on ensuring all Pasta King sauces are packed with goodness and that we provide students with the ideal nutrition for education, so we know how to make healthy school lunches that add to students’ general well-being and keep them focused when it matters most.”