Our Food

Secondary Schools

Pasta is a hot and hearty option to fill children up and fuel them through the day. The hand-held pots are quick to serve and quick to tuck into, satisfying hungry children fast. Students say they love Pasta King food. Our name tells them exactly what to expect and they choose our meals time and again. Pasta King always hit the spot.

We supply everything you’ll need: attractive point of sale material, free on loan, branded Pasta King pasta bar(s) with free installation and maintenance, plus Pasta King pots to serve. We even supply the baskets, spoons and ladles free too. Each time you order one of our fully finished, ready-to-use pasta sauces, it comes with the right amount of dried pasta, rice or noodles free of charge.

See more information on how it works here or see the full sauce list here.

We’re proud of our food. Everything is sourced and prepared with care, to make it perfect for school meals. There’s more information in the core offer section. Look up or download the nutritional information for all our sauces in the Library.

Breaktime options

For those who can’t wait until lunchtime, we have some good options. Pasta and sauce meals provide a nutritious, balanced meal, and they are so quick and easy to serve in pots that some people put the pasta bar on at break too. Then there are Pasta King pockets, a tasty, wholesome hand-held breaktime snack that’s easy to prepare and quick to serve. And new this term why not try our nachos – available in chilli beef, veg chilli or classic Pomodoro?

Pasta King pockets

They come in four great flavours: BBQ, Tikka, Margherita and Mediterranean.

Each kit contains:
  • 30 breads (= 60 portions)
  • 1x 1.75kg pouch of your choice of sauce
  • 1x pack of greaseproof paper to serve

Street Eats nachos

They come in five flavours: Chilli Beef, Veg Chilli, Pomodoro, BBQ Pulled Pork and Sombrero Sausage

Each kit contains:
  • tortilla chips (= 35 portions)
  • 2x 1.75kg pouch of sauce
  • 1kg grated mozzarella/cheddar cheese mix
  • 35 Street Eats branded pots
  • 35 forks

In some cases we can also supply simpler, ready-to-serve options including sandwiches, paninis and toasties. These are made fresh daily, so they’re not yet available nationally. Please call us on 0800 458 7898 or ask your Pasta King sales representative to find out if we can deliver to you.

Got a question? Look at our FAQs or give us a call.